"Weanlings, which were allowed to exercise through either
continuous access to pasture, or partial access to pasture, had
greater cannon bone densities than weanlings which were
continuously confined to stalls. Stalling of weanlings will prevent the
normal mineral deposition of the cannon bone and may be
detrimental to the future athletic ability of the horse. (Comment:
Bone is continually changing and the architecture of that bone will
change to adapt to the requirements placed on the bone.
Continuously confined horses will have lower bone density than
horses which receive exercise regularly.)"

We agree with this article. Let your Fillies and Colts run in pastures
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We at Pitcher Ranch agree with this article called STABLE VICES: A Poor Measure of Welfare?
We think it is better and more natural for horses to have more space to socialize, and more forage
of acceptable quality to eat.
It would be humorous, if it wasn't so sad.... It is quite feasible that some back yard horses are far
better off both physically and mentally than many pampered city stable horses.

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A few of our horses here on the Pitcher Ranch.
James Pitcher judging a class at Round Up on Barley Lake.
The Spring Horse Haul 2012 was a great success! Thank you to all of you who
trusted us to transport your precious Cargo. For the first time we will have a few
spaces available heading DOWN this Fall. States served on Fall haul 2012 are as
follows: British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma
and Texas.
Price for transport starts at $1200. We provide quality forage and bedding for the
entire route. It is our way of saying "Thank You" to our valued clients.